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After Reporting Non-Recent Abuse: A Personal Journey Pt 4

No Further Action: The impact of being told that there isn’t enough evidence to peruse the case.

Research suggests that something like only 5% of reports of historical abuse ever make it to court and then a conviction rate of around 50% means that when reporting historic abuse to the police you really do need to set your expectations correspondingly low.
I knew this when I went to the police and reported what had happened to me. I knew that given the time that had passed, the lack of corroborating evidence and my limited memory the chances of my report going anywhere were exceedingly low. I had, I believed prepared my self for the inevitable.

I told myself that getting a prosecution wasn’t the main reason for disclosing, which in truth it wasn’t. I repeatedly told myself, before and after the disclosure that nothing would come of it and not to expect anything other than to be heard. This was about me formally acknowledging to myself and the world the truth of what had been done to me and the impact it had had. It wasn’t about vengeance, justice, retribution or even preventing further abuse taking place.

The police them selves never made any promises or raised expectations. The promised to take my disclosure seriously and to investigate fully but did say hat the nature of non recent abuse and my case in particular made the investigation, and obtaining sufficient evidence, difficult.

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After Reporting Non-Recent Abuse: A Personal Journey Pt 3

The interview

After pulling together everything you have in the way of determination and resolve and taking that step to report non-recent abuse to the police the next big event that seems designed to challenge that resolve and determination is the formal, evidential, interview.
This is where the police take your statement about what you remember, and then being to asked questions about the events, your memories and why you have reported the abuse. It is designed to enable them to get as much information about the offences you have reported while at the same time getting a sense of you as a person, no doubt to judging how you might perform in court and what weight to give to your evidence / story.

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After Reporting Non-Recent Abuse: A Personal Journey Pt2

One of the most difficult thing for an adult survivor of Childhood abuse to do is disclose what happened to him as a child, and the impact it has had on his life.

So having recently made that step to not only disclose but to make the formal complaint I want to share the journey.

Today I continue the Journey with you sharing some updates and considering the response of Avon & Somerset Constabulary to being requested to engage with me to further the investigation.

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Historic / non-recent Child Abuse Investigations. The case for a safety critical system

What is a safety critical system

A life-critical system or more commonly a safety-critical system is a system whose failure or malfunction may result in one (or more) of the following outcomes: death or serious injury to people. loss or severe damage to equipment/property.

But a more intuitive explanation may be

with the consequences of failure .If the failure of a system could lead to consequences that are determined to be unacceptable, then the system is safety-critical. In essence, a system is safety-critical when we depend on it for our well being. [1]

So does an investigation by the police constitute a safety critical system?

Despite it being rather counter intuitive, how can an investigation into a report of a crime that may have happened 10, 20 or more years ago, be safety critical and does it fit the into a reasonable definition of a system anyhow.
I would argue that yes it does meet both of these requirements.

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