A World

I dream, a dream of a world
A life
A being
A past
A future
A hope

A world beyond the world
A world within our world
A world we enter when Nidra Devi touches
A world of what might have been
Of what may yet be

A world of portents
A world of questions
A world where Caer Ibormeith holds sway
A world of enchantment
Of possibilities not possible

A world of no past pain
A world of mothers who love
A world of trust
A world of safety
Of a child unknowing

A world where touch is safe
A world where memories remain
A world of not being used
A world of open faith
Of not withdrawing inside

A world where you have value
A world of not being nothing
A world where you have a home
A world where you words have meaning
Of a safety net

A world not being used
A world not being cast aside
A world simple
A world where emotion not manipulated
Of a touch reciprocated

A world
An impossible world
A dream, or nightmare of what can no longer be
A lost hope
A lost being


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