The Superhero inside

Popular culture is full of superheroes and all of them have one th8ng in common, they all obtain their superhero status by helping others. Save the world, save the person in danger save the day.

And, of course, everybody loves them for it. Survivors know all about that only they / we call it people pleasing. Society seems to need these outward displays of heroism, apparently selfless actions to justify them awarding somebody the title “hero”. Make it a big, spectator action and you may be awarded the “Superhero” badge.

This instance on actions being visible , selfless and oriented to the external leads us to minimise and even deny the actions targeted inwards, towards ourselves. Even when those very actions enable us to help, support and even save others.

It would seem that Saving a life isn’t enough, unless it’s somebody else’s life, saving the day has to be somebody else’s day.

well it’s about time people, society and ourselves recognised that saving any life, saving anybody’s day and fighting daemons, darkness and insurmountable odds takes a superhero.

Even, or especially, if the life or day you save. the daemons you defeat or the barriers you overcome is your own. It’s time, we’ll past time, for us and others to recognise the superhero inside us all


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