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Supporting Adult Survivors of non-recent sexual abuse: Needs and Provision


The need for specific support for adult survivors of historic / Non recent childhood abuse is neither well understood or provided for.

The belief within the groups that commission both physical and mental health services is that the existing generic services are adequate.

Needs and Provision.

One of the big issues, at least in my limited experience, is that dealing with the fallout from childhood sexual abuse isn’t easy. It requires a lot of support and professional help.

That support is increasing being put in place for children, as it should be. But in many cases the abuse is not disclosed at the time and often not coming to the surface until the victim is an adult, often years or decades later.

The support that an adult victim will need is officers going be different for each and every one but there will I feel be some commonalities that need to be provided for.

I would suggest that the support falls into two general categories, Mental Health issues and trauma related problems.

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