Hampshire: Policy on Disclosing Identity of a Survivor

Hampshire County Council has responded to the request for information regarding its policy about disclosing the identity of somebody who discloses historic abuse to them.

On the face of it, it looks a lot better than some, but the proof is of course in its application and personal experience tells me that in this case I don’t think we can rely on the policy actually being implemented.

This is of course the danger where we have to rely on procedures and guideline not backed up in law.

our current safeguarding procedures say that:


7.1.9     Anonymous referrers, or those from people who do not wish their names to be disclosed to the child/family, should understand that the information they have supplied may lead to their identification by those whom it concerns.


There are few cases when it would be acceptable for referring professionals to remain anonymous.


Wherever possible family members making allegations should be persuaded to give permission for allegations to be attributed when discussing them with those who have responsibility for the welfare of the child.



However, all referrals made in confidence should be treated seriously and care should be taken wherever possible not to expose the referrer to the possibility of identification.


The referrer should be advised that if a case later involves criminal  proceedings, the identity of the referrer may be required by defence counsel unless it can be proved that to disclose this is not in the public interest.



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