North Somerset: No policy on disclosing identity of Survivor

So I asked North Somerset for some information regarding their policy about disclosure:

Dear North Somerset Council,


I would like to know you policy regarding the disclosure of the identity of people who disclose historic sexual abuse

  • Also Specifically:
    Is the identity of the complainant disclosed to the alleged abuser and if so under what conditions?
  • What processes and procedures are in place to protect and support the complainant when / if his or her identity is disclosed
  • What prior notice is given to the complainant regarding potential disclosure of his / her identity
  • What warnings about potential disclosure of his / her identity are provided before the complainant discloses.

Obviously I would have liked to be told that they wouldn’t disclose the identity of a survivor to the person(s) who abused him or her, or at the very least that the survivor would be warned before making any such disclosure.

However the response was far from encouraging.

I  am  writing  to  advise  you  that  we  do  not  have  a  specific  policy  in  place  which
addresses  the  questions  you  have  asked.

They equally unhelpfully say

If  someone  is  being  investigated  for  having  committed  offences  the  alleged
perpetrator  would  be  dealt  with  by  the  Police  and  you  should  approach  them  for
information about this as well as the witness protection services they offer.

Conveniently forgetting that they undertake investigations them selves, such as when a disclosure is made to social services about a foster carer!


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